About us

The company was founded in April 2011, HQ in Munich as Last Mile Consulting GmbH. The company was renamed to “ContoWorks GmbH” in May 2015.

The company identified as a result of their consultation services numerous gaps left unmet by the emerging market of the e-money payment industry, including the need for a white-labelled, independent e-wallet in addition to other payment platforms it has on offer today.

Our headquarters is located in Munich, Germany; but you will find our teams are also located in Russia and Switzerland. We are also in the process of expanding into the North American and Asian market.

We are fully committed and love what we do. Our passion is to deliver high quality products and services to our clients. We work with wonderful partners and consultants who provide a complimentary solutions and services and share our vision and dream to deliver complete e-wallet and payment solutions to our clients.

Our structure ensures that we can quickly put forward the right team, with the right experience and expertise to address the requirements of our clients to offer a fully functional white labelled e-wallet solution anywhere in the world.