Unique Selling Propositions

Benefits for Wallet Issuer

(for ex. Banking institutions, Payment service providers, Mobile network providers and e-Money institutions)

  • 100% Customer Ownership
  • To provide personalize payment services and loyalty programs
  • To understand customer preferences and provide innovative mobile payment solutions
  • To provide their customers with a personalized wallet and mobile payment experience
  • To offer promotions based on the use of their own wallet payments
  • To provide white labelled wallet programs for other companies in the e-commerce ecosystem
  • Generate additional revenue from digital wallet payments offerings

Benefits for Merchants

  • Lower transaction and discount fees
  • Daily settlement of funds to merchant account
  • Merchant can use the merchant account as its business wallet
  • Build shopping experience that meets or exceeds consumers expectation
  • Offer closed loop wallets for receiving bonus and discounts
  • Digital wallet enables merchants to do targeted marketing, promotions and personalized sale offers
  • Allow consumers to redeem offers with online purchases along with other payments

Benefits for Payment Users

  • Traceability and easy reconciliation of payments
  • Receive funds and transfer funds to other wallet users
  • Receive special offers, bonus and discounts that can be combined during purchases
  • Fast and easy shopping without need to enter all payment details
  • Check account information directly from Mobile and Online
  • Security of credit card and banking information to be stored safely
  • Security against fraud, by limited loading of the digital wallet account